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Chances are you didn’t go into business to manage HR-related tasks.  But we did.  SDHRC removes the burden of these time-consuming and costly functions – and helps you refocus your energy on the areas where you are needed most.


Yes, breaking up is hard to do.  SDHRC can help you manage change by effectively dealing with unique issues with the least impact on productivity and morale.  SDHRC will help ensure that employees leave the organization with the same dignity and respect as when they started.  At SDHRC we believe that a well-executed, carefully planned employee termination can avoid any serious disruption in the workplace.  A poorly executed, shoot-from-the-hip approach, however, can cost an employer dearly in terms of productivity and morale, as well as financially when the ex-employee fires back with a legal claim.  To help keep your business running smoothly, let us help.  Our services include:

  • Termination assessments & documentation
  • Exit interviews
  • Change in management
  • Reorganizations
  • Layoffs
  • Outplacement and resource services
  • Merger & acquisition support

Staffing Transitions

For smooth and legally compliant transitions, let us help.

Read here about laws that may apply to your company.

“As the owner of a small PR business, SDHR Consulting has become a go-to resource and an essential part of our daily operations. The team at SDHR is incredibly knowledgable and regularly deliver useful updates that directly impact our bottom line. SDHR is also completely available and quick to answer incoming questions on a wide range of topics. They were even able to provide input on important HR updates for our second office in the midwest. I’ve referred their services to several fellow small business owners, but SDHR is more than capable of handling larger corporate clients as well. Whether big or small, I’d highly recommend!”

Heidi Hageman, President, H2 Public Relations