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Find out if your company is in compliance with California HR laws!  With ever changing HR regulations, you and your company may be at risk.  Complete this form to access our HR Audit and Compliance Quiz, valued at $500.  We will tell you exactly where you stand on current HR laws, and how to minimize any risks. After your audit, you may qualify for a FREE 30-minute consultation with an HR Consultant.

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When was the last time your company’s Employee Handbook was reviewed?
If based in San Diego city limits, is your company in compliance with the new sick leave and minimum wage requirements as of 7/11/16?
Do you notify your employees of their available sick days on their pay stub or in a document which is issued the same day as their paycheck?
Do you have a Use-it- or Lose It Vacation/PTO policy?
Are you aware of the employment laws which apply to your company, based upon the number of people you employ?
Is your company in compliance with the Bring Your Own Device Policy?
How long does your company retain employee records?
Do you have all appropriate federal and state required new hire forms?
Does your company have the most updated  policy against unwanted harassment in the workplace as of April 1, 2016?
Do all of your Independent Contractors (IC’s)  have their own (Employer Identification Number) EIN  and meet the legal requirements to be an IC?
Are you in compliance with the Equal Pay Act?
Do your employees meet the legal salary/hourly pay requirements of current CA State Law exemption tests?
Do you hire unpaid interns?
In general, how current are the job descriptions for each job within your company?
Do you have an Injury, Illness and Prevention Plan in place along with the updated heat requirements?