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Chances are you didn’t go into business to manage HR-related tasks.  But we did.  SDHRC removes the burden of these time-consuming and costly functions – and helps you refocus your energy on the areas where you are needed most.


Navigating unemployment, workers’ compensation, and Department of Fair Employment and Housing claims and forms can be daunting.  We can help you with these overwhelming tasks by completing the necessary forms, preparing response plans and strategies, and connecting you with the tools necessary to make these matters less stressful.

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Of course if you had the chance to hire Maxwell Smart for your internal investigations you would because he has a cool shoe phone.   But, we think we are even better.  (Okay, if you don’t know who Maxwell Smart is go ahead and Google it—we’ll wait. . .)

Although you try to avoid situations that require an investigation, in reality things happen.  And, you might be legally required to engage in an immediate investigation.  Why is hiring a third-party investigator in your best interest?  Well, there are several reasons.  First, when conducting an investigation, a thorough and detailed process needs to take place.  We can ask the difficult questions and uncover the critical the evidence that you might otherwise over look.  Second, and more importantly, a third party investigator is independent.  That makes us more objective and your investigation results more credible.  When you use SDHRC for your investigations, you’ll get an experienced professional who will conduct a swift and complete investigation, followed by a complete report of findings and recommendations.

Here are some common investigations your business may need:

  • Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Workplace Threats or Violence
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Safety Breaches
  • Security Breaches
  • Inventory Losses

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“SDHR has provided us with HR services in the areas of hiring, employee manuals, termination, training, severance, etc.  It has saved us thousands of dollars and allows us to focus on our core business.  Why have your own HR?”

Nicholas Esayian CEO, Revenue Solutions